ZNi International Releases ‘Official’ Music Video

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New releases

Listen to ZNi’s breakthrough album ‘Good Karma’.

Good Karma (Deluxe Edition)

01. Nobody
02. Satisfy
03. Tell Me
04. adventure
05. Same Place
06. Temptation
07. My Baby
08. Change
09. Resurrection
10. Good Karma
11. Feeling
12. Official
13. Cold Romance

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Latest Singles

ZNi International’s newest singles.

Who Is ZNi International?

Given the Shona name, Ziyanai Ziyai Maunganidze Maraire which means, “to know each other, bring together and spread wisdom” in his family’s native Zimbabwean tongue, the entertainer known as ZNi International, is living up to his namesake as he creates infectious...

ZNi Celebrates the Successful Release of ‘Official’ on Spotify

ZNi International has officially released his hot new single 'Official' on Spotify for listeners to enjoy around the world!SpotifyThe original artwork for ZNi International's hot new single 'Official' features stunning Bikini Model Yapheh, captured in Santa Monica...

ZNi International – Satisfy – Official Music Video

ZNi International's passion is evident in every angle of his life. He shatters the stereotypes and through his unique musical arrangements, innovative lyrics and fresh fashion sense, he resonates with fans across genres.