“Alexa, play ZNi International.”

‘The only thing that stops hate is love.’ – ZNi International



ZNi International at the iHeart Radio headquarters in Burbank, CA. 

What does ZNi mean?

Given the Shona name, Ziyanai Ziyai Maunganidze Maraire which means, “to know each other, bring together and spread wisdom” in his family’s native Zimbabwean tongue, the entertainer known as ZNi International, is living up to his namesake as he creates infectious feel-good music to captivate and spread good vibes to audiences worldwide.  With songs like “Satisfy” and “Nobody” under his belt, the artist has proven he is a force to be reckoned with and continues to challenge himself to create music for all.

Early Childhood

Born in Seattle Washington, ZNi spent his childhood between Washington and his parent’s birth land of Zimbabwe. The entertainer’s dual citizenship naturally played a major role in his musical development, as both of his parents were entertainers. As the offspring of a singer mother and world famous musician and educator, Dumi Maraire, a master performer of the Marimba and Mbira, ZNi was exposed to musical performance from a very young age and accompanied his father to performances all over the world.  “I was fortunate to have a father who instilled a musical work ethic.  I watched him rehearse and work on songs for hours until he considered it perfect.  I’m the same way, I work on a song for days or weeks until I feel it’s right.  I’m a bit of a mad scientist that way.”

Corporate Partnerships & Placements

Drawing from his Zimbabwean roots along with the influences of pop, afrobeats, reggae and Hip Hop, ZNi International is carving out his lane in an ever-changing music landscape. His talents don’t end there either. In addition to releasing multiple projects of his own, the musician has garnered several producer credits to his name having partnered with brands including Well Being Trust, adidas, T-Mobile, Microsoft and more.

 One of his earlier tracks “Beastmode,” featuring. Vanguards was featured on MTV’s “The Challenge” as well as in T-Mobile’s Motorolla Campaign for the Moto Z phone. According to the entertainer, one of his biggest achievements came from producing music for an adidas commercial global soccer athlete, Leonel Messi. 

What's in ZNi's Future?

ZNi has racked up many accolades, worked with top talent, produces original music and consults for corporate brands. In 2019 he is releasing new music starting with his single and video, “Satisfy”.  ZNi will follow up the video release with a full album.  “Music is my passion and my calling.  I’m excited about the music I’m creating, I feel like it’s the best I’ve ever created and I look forward to sharing it with the World.”


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Mailing list