ZNi has officially released his hot new single ‘Official’ on Apple Music for listeners to enjoy around the world!

The ‘Official’ Afro-Beats/Pop Artist has been catching the attention of music fans everywhere since peaking at number 50 on the iTunes Pop Charts this year.

This new single, ‘Official’, was written completely by ZNi himself and produced by…

ZNi described the song as “a tribute to love.” The vocals are clear and emotional. The lyrics are real and speak of the true love that people experience in their lives.

ZNi is looking forward to gaining more fans and to exploring his future creative possibilities of songwriting.

Stream ‘Official’ by ZNi International by clicking the link below.

Apple Music

The original artwork for ZNi International’s hot new single ‘Official’ features stunning Bikini Model Yapheh, captured in Santa Monica Beach, CA.